Bark Mulch Bulk Bag

A rich dark brown shredded bark mulch, which is ideal for mulching beds and borders and provides an attractive finish to any garden. Mulching is proven to reduce the loss of moisture from planted beds and borders, protect roots from harsh frosts and most importantly, suppress weed growth.

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Product Information

Delivered in 500 litre quantities, our online bark mulch is the perfect way to have your garden landscaping products sent straight to your property’s kerb, saving you the heavy lifting, mess, and traffic queues. Enjoy your spare time, and let us take care of the rest.

Our bark mulch is the perfect way to add protection and visual appeal to your borders and flower beds, and acts as a blanket to protect the soil from the frost and heat, effectively reducing the damage that these extremes of weather can wreak on your much loved garden.

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At we have many years experience in supplying landscaping products direct to your premises, which means you can concentrate on your garden improvements whilst we look after all of the logistics.

If you are looking for a lighter colouring for your flower beds or borders, why not check out our wood chippings? They provide the same protection but using white, hardwood chippings instead of bark.

  • Chipped conifer bark
  • Minimal white wood content (usually less than 15%)
  • Easy to spread
  • 100% natural product

Typical coverage: Each individual Bulk Bag = approx. 10m2 at a depth of 50mm.

Each Individual Bulk bag: approximately 500 litres when packed.

If you’re unsure how much you require, our Product Calculator can help. uses bags measured at 600 litres with a product bag fill of 500 litres and certified to carry 1000kg, this is to facilitate our Twinstak system. Bag fill is verified as correct by using a certified system in accordance with BS EN12580:2013  to ensure all products are 500 litres when packed.

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