Wood Chips Bulk Bag

Our wood chips are one of our most versatile products. Topsoil.co.uk wood chippings are made from chipped white wood and are a naturally free-draining product, which makes them perfect for many projects in the garden, allotment, woodland, playground or chicken run.

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Product Information

Wood chips are ideal for using as flooring for a chicken run. Hens love to scratch around in the chippings, plus an additional even covering around the chicken coop prevents muddy feet in wetter weather too.

If you are looking to create a series of contrast or lighter areas of bedding or borders, our wood chippings are the perfect solution, and act as the ideal complement to our darker bark mulch. See what patterns you could create with the two combined landscaping products.

If you have an orchard or woodland area, wood chips are an ideal way to absorb mud and water, and prevent ground wear in the most popular areas.

For outdoor events, wood chippings from Topsoil.co.uk are often the best and most environmentally friendly solution to prevent the build up of mud, especially on walkways and paths between stalls and stages.

Wood or chippings are long lasting too, and will typically give you several years use before needing to be topped up or replaced.

If you are looking for a darker wood chip too, check out our bark mulch.

  • Perfect for use as chicken run flooring.
  • Certified to BS EN1177:2018 for use as a safety surface in playgrounds (when used at the recommended depth*).
  • Ideal as a light coloured mulch in beds and borders.
  • Regularly used on paths in gardens, outdoor events and woodlands to reduce ground wear and muddy areas.

Typical coverage: Each individual Bulk Bag = approx. 10m2 at a depth of 50mm

Each individual Bulk Bag: approximately 500 litres when packed.

Unsure how much is needed? Use our Product Calculator.

topsoil.co.uk uses bags measured at 600 litres with a product bag fill of 500 litres and certified to carry 1000kg, this is to facilitate the Twinstak system. Bag fill is verified as correct by using a certified system in accordance with BS EN12580:2013  to ensure all products are 500 litres when packed.

* recommended coverage for use a play surface is at least 150mm – 300mm.

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