About Us

Topsoil.co.uk is a company with over 40 years landscaping experience, and is therefore steeped in the agricultural and horticultural industries it supplies and partners with.

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When it comes to being your first choice partner for topsoil, bark mulch, wood chips and turf, all delivered straight to your home, we’ve got it covered!

Our aim is to bring you the best landscaping products at the best possible prices, and thanks to our extensive market knowledge and in-depth research we identified the need for cost effective, value for money landscape products, that nevertheless still delivered on quality.

Our innovative approach doesn’t just stop there though. With the application of new thinking we have revolutionised how products are manufactured, packaged and distributed, which allows us to offer highly competitive prices for our product range, whilst also not compromising on quality.

You will see this evident in our product range, including our brand new Twinstak range, giving you even more of our fabulous landscaping products, at even better value. Choose from two of the same product, such as 2 bags of topsoil, or combine topsoil and bark mulch, wood chips, or even turf, for the perfect amount of landscaping products for your garden project.

Our team are dedicated to helping you to achieve the perfect garden or landscaping project without the hassle, and from our operations team to our delivery drivers, we’ll bring our great quality garden turf, bark mulch, wood chips and turf direct to your door.

So, enjoy putting together your landscaping order with us, and we’ll take care of the rest, bringing your new lawn or garden materials to your home, leaving you free to enjoy your garden to its maximum potential.

At Topsoil.co.uk, customer service is very important to us, and we have created a series of guides around frequently asked questions, delivery information, plus a range of contact methods, so that whatever your needs, we are on hand to help you.

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