Everything you wanted to know about topsoil

Seeds sprouting in top soil

Here at Topsoil.co.uk we offer a great range of garden and landscaping products, but as our name suggests it’s topsoil that runs through our veins and that is what made our business what it is today. So here is a rundown of all the questions you’ve been asking about topsoil, which will hopefully help you […]

Chicken run – using wood chips


Which wood chippings are the perfect floor surface for a chicken run? We have been asked many times about the suitability of wood chippings for use in chicken runs, so below we have created a handy guide to answer your questions. Can you put wood chips in a chicken run? Wood chippings are the perfect […]

Landscaping bark mulch

garden with green turf

Why Topsoil.co.uk bark mulch is the perfect mulch for your borders and flower beds At Topsoil.co.uk, our shredded bark mulch is one of our best-selling products, and we are often asked about how best to use it, what it is suitable for, and what the differences are between our wood chippings and our bark mulch. […]