Everything you wanted to know about topsoil

Seeds sprouting in top soil

Here at Topsoil.co.uk we offer a great range of garden and landscaping products, but as our name suggests it’s topsoil that runs through our veins and that is what made our business what it is today.

So here is a rundown of all the questions you’ve been asking about topsoil, which will hopefully help you to understand just what makes Topsoil.co.uk the ideal partner to order your topsoil and complementary landscaping products from.

What is topsoil?

Our topsoil has been expertly blended to create the ideal mix of screened, natural soil, which also contains traces of clay, silt, and sand. This is then added to with rich, dark, peat-free conditioners, and these contribute nutrients, body and structure.

This means that our topsoil has everything it needs to create the perfect base for a new lawn to be turfed over it, or as the all-important top layer in your flowerbeds or borders.

How much does a bag of topsoil cost?

At Topsoil.co.uk we’ve worked hard to bring you the very best products at great prices. We invest heavily in new technologies and processes and the efficiencies from this investment enable us to offer you a fabulous product at very competitive prices. The price of our 500 litre bags of blended topsoil include VAT and delivery to most UK addresses (some surcharges apply to more remote parts of the country that cost more to deliver to).

What is good topsoil?

Perhaps the most important quality of our topsoil is that it is packed with nutrients, to nourish plants and help them to grow.

The majority of the nutrients in our topsoil are naturally provided by our soil’s organic matter – things such as worms, insects, broken down foliage etc, as well as lots of microorganisms.

What should good topsoil look like?

For us, a good quality topsoil should actually feel right when you move it between your fingers. This means that it will be crumbly in your hands, and you will be able to feel the different elements such as the grit, sand and clay within the structure of the topsoil. There will be some small stones in there too, which are essential for effective aeration, but there shouldn’t be too many, nor should they be too large either, and we screen our soil for that very reason.

Does topsoil help grass?

Adding topsoil to your lawn gives several advantages. For instance, you can use a layer of soil to fill in any gaps in the surface, helping to make it more level. Adding soil also provides a bed for any new grass to take root in.

The addition of soil to your lawn also provides the grass plants with another source of nutrients, and can help your lawn to cope with drier weather, whilst at the same time aiding drainage when it rains.

What is the best topsoil for gardens?

Our topsoil is a great all-round, multi-purpose soil. It is the ideal soil for things such as planting borders and flowerbeds, creating vegetable patches or areas for fruit trees, as well as turfing or seeding your lawn. It is rich in nutrients, has the right balance of sand, silt and clay, and has been blended with conditioners.

All in all, you won’t go far wrong by using our topsoil for all your gardening and landscaping projects.

How deep does the topsoil need to be?

The clue really is in the name – topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil in your garden. Depending on the circumstances, and the nature of the soil in your part of the world, we would normally recommend a depth of around 20-25 cm, or 8-10 inches.

This top layer is in many ways the most important soil layer in your garden, and gives your plants, fruit, vegetables and grass all the nutrients they need to flourish.

We hope that this guide gives you all the information you need to understand how important topsoil is, and why you can trust Topsoil.co.uk to provide the perfect topsoil for your gardening and landscaping projects. Plus, with our free delivery to most of the UK, you can focus on your garden, whilst we look after delivering our soil and landscaping products direct to you.