Blended Topsoil + Wood Chips Twinstak

Our Blended Topsoil & Wood Chippings bulk bag combination provides you with one 500 litre bag each of soil and wood chippings, stacked and delivered on one pallet. Purchasing this combination of products as a Twinstak provides you with a saving of £40.

Blended Topsoil is suitable for all general purpose gardening and our Wood Chips can be used as a mulch, to create a pathway or even within chicken runs.

Delivery is free of charge and available to the majority of addresses within England.



Product Information

Twinstak Blended Topsoil & Wood Chippings combination

In addition, our double blending system produces an exceptionally high quality blend and mix of our screened raw materials/ingredients, meaning better quality results in your gardening and landscaping schemes!

So, whether you are looking to plant out your borders or flower beds, create a chicken run, or lay a pathway, choosing our Twinstak soil and wood chippings bags means you can leave us to worry about the logistics, leaving you free to focus on your plans for your garden or landscaping project.


  • 1 x 500 litre bag of our great quality, multi-purpose topsoil
  • Organic-rich and fertile
  • Fully traceable natural ingredients
  • Consistent quality
  • Tested to British Standard BS3882:2015
  • Friable, healthy soil
  • Screened to 20mm
  • pH typically 7.5
  • only sells 100% peat-free products

Wood chippings

  • 1 x 500 litre bag of wood chippings
  • Perfect for use as chicken run flooring.
  • Certified to BS EN1177:2018 for use as a safety surface in playgrounds (when used at the recommended depth of 150-300mm).
  • Ideal as a light coloured mulch in beds and borders.
  • Regularly used on paths in gardens, outdoor events and woodlands to reduce ground wear and muddy areas.

Typical coverage: Each individual Bulk Bag = approx. 10m2 at a depth of 50mm

Each individual Bulk Bag: approximately 500 litres when packed.

Unsure how much you need of each product? Use our Product Calculator. uses bags measured at 600 litres with a product bag fill of 500 litres and certified to carry 1000kg, this is to facilitate the Twinstak system. Bag fill is verified as correct by using a certified system in accordance with BS EN12580:2013  to ensure all products are 500 litres when packed.’s revolutionary technology means we can now offer two bags of our products delivered on one pallet, saving you money on delivery costs, whilst also doing our bit for the environment.

Using bespoke engineering, developed and built by our in-house technical design team, uses unique and proprietary technology, and has patents filed on it, which allow us to significantly reduce our delivery costs, leading to real savings that we can pass on to our customers, in addition to reducing our carbon footprint.

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